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In the Old Town

Old Fortress
Old Fortress »»
New Fortress
New Fortress »»

When you first arrive in Corfu Town, either from the conveniently nearby airport or new port, the architecture will remind you instantly of an Italian or southern French port. The houses are typical multi-storey side by side properties both within the old town but also in the extensive 19th/20th century streets and squares around.

It's not hard to understand why Corfu Town (Kerkyra) has been such an important asset for the Venetians, French, English and now the Greeks. Corfu island's position, at the southern gateway to the Adriatic, meant the Venetians treasured it as a key defence against the Ottoman empire for nearly 400 years and constructed both the Old Fortress and the New Fortress to defend their interests which they successfully did in four sieges in 1537, 1571, 1573 and 1716.

Liston / Spianada »»
Asiatic Museum
Asiatic Museum »»

But Corfu Town is not at all claustrophobic thanks both to its coastal location but also to the large grassed public space of the Spianada between the Old Fortress and the French influenced Liston and to it's north east the British designed and built Palace of St. Michael and St. George (now the Asiatic Museum).

Behind the Liston are the pedestrianised cobbled streets of the "old town" with a plethora of tourist orientated small independent shops selling everything from t-shirts to jewellery and furs but also a wide range of artisan and traditional products. Here you will also find Corfu's pre-eminent church dedicated to its' patron Saint; St Spyridon.

Town Hall
Town Hall Square »»
Corfu Town Easter
Easter »»

Walk beyond the "Old town" and you will then find yourself entering the newer shopping areas with some larger shops (even M&S) and nearby (below the New Fortress) you will find the bustling fish and fruit market. Corfu's Town Hall is in the oldest theatre building on Corfu; the "Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo" (estd. 1720 in a building constructed in 1663). Across the (town hall) Dimarchia Square is Corfu's Catholic Cathedral San Giacomo (1693).

Whilst there are celebrations throughout the year, (Greek orthodox) Easter week in Corfu is particularly special with many thousands of visitors from mainland Greece and Internationally who join the throngs in the Old Town; with the climax being the smashing of the pots on Easter Saturday; when large pots are dramatically thrown from balconies on the Liston and surrounding streets.

Casa Parlante Corfu
Casa Parlante »»
Patounis Soap Factory
Patounis Soap Factory »»

Within Corfu Town itself there are a number of museums. Two interesting variations are Casa Parlante (an accurate recreation of a 19th century nobleman's house) in a historic building behind the Liston and the Patounis Soap Factory where you can see traditional soap production techniques still in use today..

Places Nearby

Corfu Town old Harbour
Old Harbour Area »»
Gouvia »»

Corfu Town's new port is a few kilometres north of the town but the Old Harbour is below the New Fortress and nearby is the baroque "Ekklisia Spiliotissas ke Agios"(1577).

Pleasure and private boats moor at the large marina at Gouvia which is about 7km north of the town.

Garitsa Bay
Garitsa Bay »»
Kanoni; Vlacherna
Kanoni; Vlacherna »»

To the south in the direction of the airport is Garitsa Bay which offers great views back towards the Old Fortress and has some nice restaurants and bars.

Further around adjoining (and overlooking) the airports runway is Kanoni an area with high class hotels and at the end of a small jetty the "Vlacherna Monastery" with behind it "Mouse Island". This offers the most famous view of Corfu and is favoured as a backdrop for wedding photos.

Areas Map

Corfu Town Map
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